Del Regno Dei Bracchi

The Bracco Italiano came to our home in 2018, but we have been studying the breed and the history of bracco for many years. The choice of the first Italian pointer took 4 years and allowed us to join our home excellent female Imagine ‘Ivy’ Venator d’Ursus, who gained recognition on international rings by many show judges, hunters and breeders. The confirmation of the excellent quality of Ivy was the fact that in the junior class she won the winner of the breed at the club show, judged by the Italian speciality judge Antonino La Barbera. With her great passion for work, she evoked a lot of positive emotions, presenting the breed from its best side. We participated in many hunting competitions and exhibitions as participants, but also as observers. We got to know the breed from the inside talking with many breeders with a lot of emphasis on Italian breeders.

In our kennel, we put the greatest emphasis on the health and psyche of our dogs and puppies, which we give to new homes fully prepared, after a full socialization program.

Our dogs are thoroughly tested and future matings are carefully selected in terms of genetics. We analyze not only future parents, but also all generations and siblings of each part to find out about the genetic background.

The Italian pointer is an excellent hunter, who should demonstrate the skill of his work by adjusting the movement to the terrain. Our dogs are trained from an early age, paying attention to the importance of trust and attachment to the owner. They exhibit excellent functional characteristics, repeatedly confirming the high level of hunting instinct.

The culmination of taking care of the breed is maintaining for us the full standard of the breed, beautiful movement and elegance, typical for an Italian pointer. We pay great attention to the head, which should delight and express the full nobility of the individual. By presenting our dogs at many significant exhibitions, we care about the opinions of breed specialists who evaluate our dogs at different ages and during their development.

Only such a combination of the exterior, hunting passion, health and impeccable, courageous psyche creates a real hunter with a heart of gold – the Italian pointer.

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